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Suzi Taylor

Suzi Taylor

Suzi Taylor (writing as Caroline Church) is a sufferer and writer about female mental health issues. She started researching different forms of mental illness during the early part of 2004, particularly PMDD and PND, and discovered purely by chance that her depressive episodes coincided with her menstrual cycle. Suzi also suffered from a severe form of post-natal illness, which then became cyclical.

Once she started to research this often misdiagnosed condition, Suzi was astonished to find that many hadn't yet realised that poorly functioning hormones, can often mean poor mental health. She then went on to write her first book 'I Blame the Hormones' which went straight into E-book for Harper Collins and their true stories series.

After this publication, Suzi was contacted by women and healthcare professionals worldwide who wanted to know more about reproductive depression, and where they themselves could find support and extra help. She then wrote 'I Blame the Hormones, Living with reproductive Depression' which has been expanded to include a help section, and a resources chapter. It also has a foreword written by Professor John Studd, whom is founder of The British Menopause and PMS society in London.

Suzi now spend her time writing, blogging, and speaking at conferences, where she is passionate about education and raising awareness of reproductive depression. Suzi is also a panel member of Action on Menstrual psychosis, and have served on various boards, championing the cause for women with mental health issues. She has appeared in several magazine and media publications, including Reveal and Take a break, and continue to write and support other sufferers.

She now live in Surrey with her husband, three sons and three dogs where she campaigns extensively for hormonal health in the reproductive years.

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