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News Archive 2 – 2014

Soul and Spirit article
Soul Midwives article at Soul and Spirit magazine.
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(Link to the review of The Word at War: World War Two in 100 Phrases on the Mind Your Language Guardian blog)


UFO review

Daily Express review
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Bookseller July 2014

F**K It TherapyDaily Mail article

Anime: A History
“Anime: A History is a magisterial effort and will undoubtedly prove invaluable for scholars … his book may well shape the discourse on the subject for years, if not decades, to come.”
(LSE Review of Books)

“Looking through the book’s extensive usage of Japanese-language sources, it seems safe to say that much of this information is new to Anglophone scholarship. Anime: A History is heartily recommended for anybody who wants an insight into the industrial politics that lie behind the on-screen images.”

(Cartoon Brew)

“This study is authoritative and detailed, and will be essential reading for anime fans and scholars alike.”
(The Guardian)

“As the author himself says, “For the history of anime to be useful, it must have some relevance to the present day, and perhaps even tomorrow.” Anime: A History does that and more. Based on testimony from professionals in the medium and drawing on myriad documents, this 250-page tome helps illuminate the industry from the inside.”
(The Japan Times)


F**k It


“John Parkin (author of F** It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way and F** It Therapy) … is less Tony Robbins than he is Bagpuss. Listen quietly and it is genuine wisdom he imparts.”

(The Independent, 12 March 2014)








Sandi MannDaily Mail article

Shropshire review

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