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Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale is an inspirational speaker whose business and adventure experience has helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary results.  She started her career in Corporate Training and Development, working for British Gas and then moved on to a role with the United Nations in the Former Yugoslavia.  Sue has an MBA in Entrepreneurship, an MSc in Quality Management and is an accredited coach.  She is the first British woman to walk to the Magnetic North Pole and has also been on expeditions to the Geographical North Pole, Antarctica and Greenland.  She finished up runner-up in Channel 4’s Superhuman, undergoing some of the toughest scientific tests ever seen on TV.

Sue founded her own business, Mission Impossible, has spoken at hundreds of businesswomen’s networks across Europe and built an extensive network of contacts in the women’s enterprise sector. Sue is now Chapter Chair of Women Presidents Organisation and Director of WEConnect. Europe.

She has written three books Kickstart your Motivation, Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs and The Growth Story as sole author and four books Managing Change at Work, The Personality BookMotivating People and Risk with co-author Clive Steeper which were published by Hodder & Stoughton.

In Sue’s compelling new memoir Explore: A Life of Adventure, published in April 2022, she describes how from challenging beginnings, she embarked on a lifetime of adventure, exploring some of the world’s most extreme environments including the North Pole, Antarctica, and Greenland. Sue shares important life lessons gained from these adventures and describes how the mindset, discipline and commitment needed for adventurous activities is also useful in professional life.

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