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Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon covers the Koreas for Forbes, Monocle, The South China Morning Post, The Times and The Washington Times.  His first book To The Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea 1951 (Aurum Press, 2009) was published to critical acclaim  and won the inaugural Osprey Publishing/Hampshire Libraries award for Best Military Book of 2009 from a field of 60 key military titles. Chinese and Korean editions have now been published.

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Andrew’s  book Scorched Earth, Black Sun: Britain, Australia and the War for Korea 1950 (Aurum Press, 2011) was the prequel to To The Last Round and has also been translated into Korean and Chinese.

In 2010, Andrew was presented with a “Korea Wave” award at South Korea’s National Assembly for his contribution to the literature of the war.

Andrew’s most recent publication is Korea in the All that Matters series (Hodder, 2014).

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